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Happy New Year!

Almost like Isidro's mom's - she makes hers with Jalapenos 🙂

To bring in the new year as a family, Isidro is cooking Chiles Rellenos, there is a possibility of Wii bowling later in the night and a phone call to Isidro’s family in Mexico 🙂 We are also going to eat 12 grapes at midnight.  It’s a Mexican/Spanish tradition where each grape symbolizes a month of the upcoming year and with each grape you make a wish for each month.  Traditionally you are supposed to eat the grapes with the 12 gongs of the bell as it rings to bring in the new year.

As our first new years as a family we are excited to reflect on how our lives have changed so much in the past year and celebrate the goodness of God in our family’s life and our friends lives as well.  God has been so faithful to us and we are so thankful to serve a loving and merciful God who never forsakes or abandons his people.

We hope and pray that 2012 is a wonderful year for you and your family.  We love you all so much!

Por el nuevo año como una familia, Isidro está cocinando chiles rellenos, existe la posibilidad de jugar  bolos de Wii más tarde en la noche y una llamada telefónica a la familia de Isidro en México:) Y vamos a comer 12 uvas a las doce de la noche.  Cada una es un deseo por cada mes del año.  Estas se comen una por cada campanada.

A medida que nuestro nuevo año por primera vez como una familia, estamos muy contentos de reflexionar sobre cómo nuestras vidas han cambiado mucho en el último año y celebrar la bondad de Dios en la vida de nuestra familia y la de nuestros amigos. Dios ha sido tan fiel a nosotros y estamos muy agradecidos de servir a un Dios amoroso y misericordioso, que nunca abandona a su pueblo.

Esperamos y rezamos para que el 2012 es un año maravilloso para usted y su familia. ¡Los amamos mucho!


2 comments on “Happy New Year!

  1. mom

    Happy New Year. It is wonderful to establish new traditions. Love and blessings. Your Washington family:)

  2. Anna Reyes

    Holy cow! Mmmm…I want some chiles rellenos….been craving spicy food lately.

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