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We’re moving!

That’s right folks – Isidro, Lucas and I are indeed moving!  Where you might ask?  Well that would be to Washington State!  We are planning on moving to the Tacoma area at the end of July.  My sister lives in the area and it’s close to where Isidro is going to be working, the Cheesecake Factory in Tukwilla.

My parents are thrilled by the thought of being close to their very first grandchild and we are glad to be moving close to my family.  I am excited to reunite with some old friends, but also excited to make new ones with Isidro.  We are trusting the Lord with this move and believe that he will go with us and help us along the way. Of course, it is sad to be leaving our friends here in Tennessee as many of them have become like family to us, however we trust the Lord and that he will go with us and help us fill the voids that we will feel leaving.  Nevertheless, we are really excited for this new adventure in life!

On another note, here are some pictures.  Lucas has officially decided that he loves food.  At about 8 1/2 months Lucas went from despising anything I put near his mouth, to loving anything and everything put in front of him.  There is also a picture of him and Isidro in their matching Sounders Jerseys that Aunt Reby and Uncle John sent our way 🙂

Lucas eating in his high chair at 8 months

Isidro and Lucas (9mo) in Sounders Jerseys from John and Reby

¡Nos vamos! Es verdad, Isidro, Lucas y yo nos moveremos en Julio al estado de Washington. En especifico, al area de Tacoma puesto que mi hermana vive aya. Y estará cerca del trabajo de Isidro, en el restaurant, Cheesecake Factory en Tukwila (en las afueras de Seattle).

Los abuelos maternos de Lucas, Paul y Becky McFadden, estan muy emocionados porque estaremos cerca. Es triste dejar a nuestros amigos en Nashville, Tennessee, pero confiamos en nuestro Señor para que todo salga bien y nos ayude como siempre lo ha hecho. Empezaremos una nueva vida, junto la familia.

En la primera foto Lucas (8 meses) comiendo, ahora todo lo que le pongas cerca, quiere comer. ¡Come de todo! Esta muy grande. En la segunda, Isidro y Lucas con sus playeras de Los Seattle Sounders, regaladas por los tíos de Lucas, Reby y John Helland. Muy pronto estaremos viendo los partidos de los Seattle Sounders y Marineros de Seattle con la familia.



One comment on “We’re moving!

  1. maggsb86

    Yay! I can’t wait to be close to you again! 🙂

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